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Material Design

Material Design

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Multiple Connections

Multiple Connections

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NZB Unity aims to provide the best user experience possible by connecting to lots of popular sites and services. Full API integration allows the freedom to do as much as you like!

And new connections are being added regularly!


NZB Unity is available for download from the Google Play Store!

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Supports Android 2.1+
Mobiles and Tablets
50,000+ Downloads
*March 2015
4.4 Star Rating
*March 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use URL Rewrites or subdirs?

Simple! When adding the profile for the service, just include the subdirectory details in the port field like in the image below. 

Can I use self signed certificates?

You don't have to use SSL certificates, however it is recommended if you are connecting via a public network, i.e.: the Internet.

NZB Unity is built using PhoneGap which, as of Version 3, does not allow for invalid certificates to be accepted. Google's Play Store is warning that apps developed on older versions of PhoneGap could be removed from the Play Store because of known vulnerabilities. Some developers are getting around PhoneGap's restriction by overriding some of it's core functionality, but unfortunately at this time, the way NZB Unity is built doesn't allow this override to occur.

There are a number of articles explaining why PhoneGap have made this decision and how Google / Android deals with security

Firstly, there are 3 components to a certificate which are considered during validation:

  1. Date - The current date must be within certificate's validity date
  2. URL - The URL of the server being connected to must match the certificate's URL
  3. Known Provider - The certificate must be generated by one of the known Certificate Authorities (as listed on your device under Settings > Security > Trusted Credentials)

The following table summarises the different scenarios based on the above components and options for connecting.

 Valid, 3rd party suppliedValid, self generatedInvalid, self generatedExpired
Date Valid Valid Valid Expired
URL Matches Matches Different Matches
Provider Known Unknown - self signed Unknown Known
Example Certificate purchased online Certificate you've generated yourself Certificate that comes with SABNZBD Certificate that's expired
Actions to connect  None, you can connect straight away! Import your certificate into the Certificate Authority list on your mobile device(s) using an app such as CADroid or generate a certificate using a known Provider (free certs here) Unable to support this certificate type. Generate a free certificate here Unable to support this certificate type. Renew your existing certificate or generate a new free certificate here

 If you would like to use SSL certificates, refer to this handy guide on obtaining and configuring certificates.

Do you have nightly / beta releases?

Beta releases are available and posted on the Twitter and Facebook pages and are meant to contain the final features of a particular release prior to it being released to the Play Store. They are typically available for 1 week prior to the official release to allow people to provide last minute testing for undiscovered bugs and functionality testing but they are largely stable releases. Feedback from these releases are vital, so please let me know how it operates!

Alpha releases are available to selected users to allow them to test new functionality and provide feedback during the development process. Bugs and incomplete features in these releases are guaranteed. Use the contact form below to request becoming an Alpha tester.

Is there an iOS version?

Not at this time. 

I have written the app so that I can build an iOS versions in the future, but I haven't done so at this time as the focus is purely on the Android OS.

Unfortunately there is now also another app on the Apple App Store that's called NZB Unity. That app is not affiliated this NZB Unity in any way.


Sep 16
Beta v6.2.2 available

A new release has been uploaded for beta testers which fixes a number of bugs, the episode listing bug in Sonarr in particular, and updates the underlying platform for security, stability and performance improvements. 

The release will be rolled out to all users within the next few days!


Dec 15
v6.2.1 Live - Backup settings first

Version 6.2.1 is now live in the Play Store with lots of bug fixes, a few new features and upgrades to the underlying framework which should make the app work a lot better all round!

However I have had one or two reports of settings being lost during the upgrade. Nothing has come up in my testing, nor from the Beta trial so please make sure you backup before updating - just in case...

Now that I'm back in civilisation again and can start to code again, I'm making some great progress on the rewrite. It will feature proper alignment with Material Design, a stack of new features and allow me to develop code much faster and easier. I'll finally be able to implement some of the features I dreamt of all the way back when I started playing with developing this app. I'm targeting a Feb release date, so stay tuned! 



Nov 15
Beta v6.2.1 now available

I have been off the grid for a while but I'm back with a new version with a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. 

Sign up to the Google+ Community to always receive Beta updates or follow the link below to download it now!

Jul 15
v6.2 now live - with Sonarr support!

Version 6.2 is rolling out with full Sonarr support!

This release uses a new development framework that should allow for much faster development in the future, as well as more cross service integration and much more modern app features. As this is the first release however, I've focused purely on mobile phone screens for Sonarr, with tablet views coming the in the release.

Also included in the release is a few tweaks to the way images are rendered, which will make the app much more usable when scrolling. 

More still to come! Thanks!

Apr 15
Google+ and Beta / Alpha testing

I have setup a Google+ community for general NZB Unity comments, bug reports and feature requests. 

Also, I have setup a second community for anyone interested in becoming a beta or alpha tester. While this is a private Google+ community, I'm happy for anyone to join at the moment. Just send me an email or message via the form on the website and I'll send you an invite. 

Development on Sonarr is coming along with a beta expected within a week or so. Alpha Testers will have access later this week.